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cotton sanitary pads
cotton sanitary pads
  • cotton sanitary pads

  • item No : Y320
  • cotton sanitary pads 1. Imported Absorbent layer 2. Anti-leaking Bottom Film 3. Cotton cover
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Detailed description

cotton sanitary pads

Main features:

1.Cotton cover to keep dry and soft,

2.with Imported Absorbent layer to keep the quicker and instant absorbent.

3.with Anti-leaking Bottom Film to keep safety during using.

4.with package,which can be done by the requirements of the buyers or partners.

5.Package,can be done base on your requirements and advice.


Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, paper box, PVC box
Packing 10 pads X 48 bags per carton or customized
Manufacturer   Garden like 20000 square meters
Functional chips   Anion, far infrared, bamboo charcoal, mint, aloe vera, herbal and etc.
Certificates   CE, SGS, ITS, MSDS,FDA, GMP approved
Package/products design   Acceptable
Free samples   Available
Brand name    Available for Glorygirl, OUI OUI, Private label
MOQ   30000bags/item
Agency/wholesale   acceptable
Charge for other brand?   No extra charge
Lead time   Within 30—45days
Quality Control QC Test, Lab test, Authorized third party test, R/D research and etc.


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