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How to change baby diapers

Code care

At each diaper change, dipped in water alcohol swab or friction cotton (his advice with your pediatrician about), to remove the umbilical stump sometimes collect the base contact with the skin and liquid viscous crust. Let the baby's diaper folding line below (or buy new diapers with notch to hold the line), in order to maintain their exposure to the air. To limit bathing sponge bath, until the wire off, usually in about two weeks.

Night strategy

When you wake up the baby at midnight, what you do first to feed her or for her? Most hungry newborn to immediately fed, not to fast changing diapers. However, if you wait until the baby is satisfied, otherwise she would wake up in her dream road. Compromise is the obvious solution: by feeding change her middle position (although breast fed babies may again defecate). If a miracle, your baby don't wake up at night, as long as you change the morning the first thing you can sleep in the wet diapers. Exception: if your baby has a diaper rash, even at night, you also need to get wet.

Embrace baby

From about six to nine months, your baby don't want to sit quietly for a while - especially don't change the diaper. In order to prevent changes in the session into a wrestling match, one of the most love songs a distraction or a toy he can touch the mouth (and only the best for this purpose) will move on. On the table may also let him very busy. However, in this age, many parents are in the table.

Diaper rash

When a baby's delicate skin is too much water and diaper rubbing stimulation, the result is a diaper rash. Often change the baby's diaper, as far as possible, the bottom is exposed in the air (put it in pieces of cloth diaper) risk will help to cure the baby's diaper and reduce the baby not to rash. Once your baby has any rash ointment generously application to protect the skin from the doctor advised you stimulation and friction.

You change the table

Change the table is not necessary. You can buy for the dresser at the top of the mat, or choose a bed. One of the advantages of a changing table: it is a convenient place to store all the things you used to keep your baby clean and comfortable.

Baby soap or bath

Baby Shampoo

Baby corn starch

Diaper Rash Ointment


Diaper wipes

Sterile cotton ball

Baby nail scissors or shears

Baby brush and comb

Cotton swab

Square cloth diapers for hiccups and cleaning spit

For cleaning nasal bulb syringe

All of this information, including doctors and other health professionals, should be regarded as opinions. Any questions or questions about your own health or the health of others, please direct suggestions are always looking for your own doctor.

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